Generative AI Task Force (GAIT)

The Generative AI Task Force (GAIT)  is an interdisciplinary working group, co-chaired by the Office of Information Technologies and Notre Dame Research, that will explore and assess the potential benefits and risks associated with generative AI tools. The GAIT will provide guidance to the university community for the use of generative AI and provide strategic advice to university leadership. 


  • Provide clarity on generative AI tools, including strengths, risks, weaknesses, new developments and future developments to be monitored
  • Provide guidance for the university community on how to handle the impact of Generative AI tools for Spring 2024
  • Identify any other AI related working groups and collaborations to build a consensus approach
  • Identify training and support infrastructure needs for the use of AI tools
  • Identify ethical and legal implications related to the adoption of generative AI tools
  • Recommend opportunities for Notre Dame to utilize generative AI tools and to support future research opportunities
  • Recommend governance structure and AI policies needed, considering where they would fit within existing policy framework
  • Recommend ways for leveraging AI in support of Notre Dame's strategic framework


  • Jane Livingston, Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
  • Jeffrey Rhoads, Vice president for Research

The University community will have opportunities to participate and provide input throughout this process. We commit to keeping you informed as we progress in our efforts to evaluate and implement AI technologies responsibly.